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By Angela
April 29, 2019
Not bright
They’re cute but give off almost no useful light. Waste of money.
By Brandon
Glen Rock, Pennsylvania
February 19, 2019
Worked well, but glad I ordered extra strings
The lanterns were slightly difficult to assemble. Several of the metal inserts snapped at the seams tearing through the paper on the lanterns. 2 of the packages I received were short a paper cover. I ordered one extra string just in case, this covered the combination of torn and/or broken parts. Glad I ordered the extra pack for "spare parts"
Proslooked great
Consmissing pieces, somewhat difficult to assemble
By Melinda
Lansing, Michigan
November 2, 2018
Paper Lanterns
I love these and they look great on my porch. However, assembling the lanterns is really difficult and the lanterns rip easily. More than a couple of them required tape after I finally got them assembled!
By Melinda
Landing, Michigan
November 2, 2018
Patriotic Lanterns
I love these and they look great on my porch. However, assembling the lanterns is really difficult and the lanterns rip easily. More than a couple of them required tape after I finally got them assembled!
By Mel
San Francisco, CA
October 21, 2018
Pretty Good
They're not as bright as I hoped they would be but they're pretty cute and arrived quickly.
By Tam
chicago, il
June 7, 2018
Great price, plan extra time for assembly
I purchased these lights because the price was so amazing. However, I did not know assembly was required. Very time consuming & the paper shade is delicate and tears easily. If you are short on time, might be worth the extra money to purchase in store or fully assembled.
ProsGreat price
By Ben
Las Vegas, NV
January 3, 2018
I love my new paper lanterns!
I love how my new paper lanterns look! The colors are great. The string lights just the right brightness. Perfect!
By Ben
Las Vegas, NV
January 3, 2018
Love my new paper lanterns!
I love how my new paper lanterns look! The colors are great. The string lights just the right brightness. Perfect!
By Maria
Cambria, CA
December 5, 2017
Exactly what I wanted
These are exactly what I was looking for to light my bedroom dimly, while I cross the room to turn on the brighter ceiling light. I love that these look festive all the time without being lit. It did take time and dexterity to assemble the lanterns but I found the process fun.
By Terry
Coeur d'Alene, ID
August 26, 2017
Work great!
They go together easily and do a great job.
By Linda
Council Bluffs, Iowa
June 18, 2017
Great product!
I ordered the paper lanterns to use at my sons rehearsal dinner. They were easy to assemble and they looked great.i would order from this company again and highly recommend them.
By Neesie
February 23, 2017
Great product at a reasonable price
We use these in a massage therapy room. Nice size lanterns, pretty soft light and good value. Highly recommend.
By Doug
Concord, CA
December 6, 2016
Awesome lanterns
Sent a set to Granddaughter in NY, she was overwhelmed! Ordered 4 more sets for gifts.
By Kim
Boston, MA
November 6, 2016
You get what you pay for
Separately, the string lights and paper lanterns are fine. Together, they leave something to be desired. That being said, they are a decent set for the price. I appreciate their simple construction, but the lanterns require much patience and fine motor skill to assemble without accidentally tearing through the paper. Each metal frame holding every lantern in its expanded position is a single piece of metal (aluminum coated with a chrome finish that rubs off during assembly) that has been molded into shape and soldered to itself, and you must bend the frame at that solder point in order to fit it inside a lantern, so I worry that the wire will eventually break at that weak point. Even with careful and precise motions, it is easy for the frame to slip and haphazardly puncture a lantern during assembly. The loop in the frame that is meant to attach the lantern to a light bulb must be loose enough to slip the bulb through, yet tight enough to hold it securely -- this can be done after making careful adjustments, but also requires time and patience. If you have arthritis or clumsy fingers, I would not recommend these. I can't imagine someone ordering a large number of these to decorate a hall or something, as that would take an extraordinary amount of time. The plug is awkwardly close to the last light bulb, so if you are planning to string these high on a wall or over windows, it will not be long enough to reach an outlet without an extension cord. I ultimately ended up re-appropriating the lights for the holidays, and used twine to string the lanterns up between two rooms in my apartment, knotting them in place. They look great, and the paper is so thin that they still fill with ambient light from either room, despite not being used as intended.
By Rachel
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
March 10, 2016
String Lights
They are perfect.
By Kim
Los Angeles
January 28, 2016
Cut as a Bug's Ear!
We're using them to decorate the bar and some areas at our Maui wedding. Love them!
By Kathy C.
January 18, 2016
Think twice
Buy this item only if you have the patience of a saint for assembling them, and don't mind half of them ending up ripped. Granted, they are made of paper. But it's no fun counting on something that might not pan out. If you do order these, definitely order an extra set so you can replace those ones that rip during assembly.
Merchant Response:Hello, We are sorry that your experience with your recent items was not completely what you were looking for. If interested, we do have accordion paper lanterns which come in a 3 piece pack and close with a twist tie. http://www.paperlanternstore.com/accordion-lanterns.html. Have a great rest of your day! Jennifer
ProsFun, bright and colorful
ConsA pain in the backside to assemble
By Christina
December 3, 2015
I expected the printing to be poorly done, but each lantern looks great! I switched out the included string lights for an LED string, though.
By Laura H.
St. Louis, MO
September 1, 2015
Excellent Product!
We looked at several different lantern lights for my daughter's dorm room. These lantern lights are definitely sturdy and quite large. We couldn't be more pleased with the purchase. The price was reasonable and the shipping extremely fast.
ProsLarge size, Sturdy, Great Color
By lisa
midwest city, OK
July 28, 2015
wonderful lights
i had bought these for my backyard for my wedding, but i end up use them for my daughter birthday party and they are just what i needed to just add a little bit of light matter fact im gonna be order some more cause my wedding colors are white pink and the lavander so happy i bought these light not to big and nit too small
By Maggi
Chicago, Illinois
July 25, 2015
Lights didn't work
We ordered two strands of lights but one of them didn't work at all. We found this out after the lanterns were all constructed and the lights hung, the day before the party. The lanterns are attractive, and the length of the cord is good. I wish the lights had worked though.
ProsAttractive lanterns
ConsConstruction of lanterns is a little tricky. Lights didn't work. Packaging says cord is 18 feet long -- it's more like 9-10.
By Jan
outside Boston
June 9, 2015
Item arrived and the lights did not light. It was on sale, so it cost more to ship than purchase. I threw it in the trash. I would not buy from the company.
By Kassandra
Berea, OH
April 26, 2015
I ordered the light green paper string as well. The white is a very crisp, clean white and is very soft on the eyes. The string lights are vibrant as well. There was no smoke and mirrors on this purchase.
ProsThe delivery was very quick. I got them within the same week I ordered them. The lanterns are a good size as well.
ConsI don't remember reading anywhere stating assembly required. Even still, if you decide to use a different string of lights the lanterns can be used on those not just what is provided.
By Kcee
April 26, 2015
I was a bit leary when I first came across the website. I had become obsessed with the idea of paper lanterns for my wedding when I decided to have it outside. The prices were to die for, and could not have been beat by any measure. When I finally made up my mind the only other thing I was nervous about was the color green I chose. I am doing a light green and gold themed wedding, it's Legend of Zelda. I do not like picking out specific colors unless I am in person. I took a risk because what did I have to lose at this point? I could always return them in the long run. The color was PERFECT and vibrant. The paper lanterns are bigger than I expected as well. They are an excellent size. The lights are very bright as well. I feel completely satisfied with my order's timeliness and look.
ProsThey came very quick. Much quicker than most delivery. The color looks just like the picture.
ConsI do not remember reading anywhere that states "assembly required" for I have to put the lanterns together, and put them on the string of lights. I guess that's okay too if I decide to use a different string of lights.
By Beth
November 20, 2014
great for a party
Very cute and great for the price. However, it takes time and some effort to put it together. Cute once they are hung.
By Alex
Plymouth, New Hampshire
September 10, 2014
Great color and looks nice!
These lifts are really cool but if your putting then in a dorm on the wall you should probably put an extension cord at the end so it will plug in. Other than that they are really cool lights!
By kc
August 22, 2014
Didn't mention in the add how hard it is to put the lights in
I like the lights...the big problems is..to get the lights into the paper lanterns is a HUGH chore. There is no tool to use and it makes your fingers burn after inserting each individual light bulb into the lantern socket holder. Then some of them tore trying to do that. First they do not fit snug into the holder, then you have to squeeze the heck out of the metal to get it to hold.
By Rukmini
Irving, TX
May 19, 2014
Wedding Decorations
The lights came quickly and were very easy to assemble. I will be stringing them diagonally across a large patio to brighten up the night. They have a beautiful color and look very rustic :)
By Nancy
Dayton, Ohio
May 17, 2014
Great quality and provides soft lights. Colors not spot on with online colors.
By nancy
Dayton, Ohio
May 17, 2014
Terrific little lanterns!
I purchased 4 colors and I am very pleased with the quality and the ambiance the soft lights provided. The colors differed from those shown online and was the only negative.
United States
May 3, 2014
Just what I'd hoped for
Ordered these for a party and they were just what I'd been looking for, at a great price. The quality of the little hanger pieces is actually better than on more expensive sets I have purchased before (from nearby stores). I am very pleased.
By ctreads
Elkridge, MD
November 28, 2013
Very Cute Lights
Assembly is easy and they look great when lit. The instructions tell you to slightly pull on the wire frame to widen the space just a tiny bit to fit the light inside, but just be careful on how much you pull them apart. Oddly, there was one I didn't pull apart at all and that one fit the light perfectly. I recommend fitting in one of the lights before you put the frame in a lantern just to see if it'll already fit comfortably or not. They're easy to get in and out which is also nice. Two in particular I had pulled apart too much, but it was easy to fix with some pliers. Also the frame itself has an obvious spot where the wire it joined. Although I didn't have a problem with it, the instructions tells you to slight bend the frame to fit better in the lantern. Just be careful not to bend at this spot unless you're careful. It bends easily at that point, but I also felt like I could snap it right in half if I used too much pressure. I would definitely buy these again, though. I think they look are great :)
ProsEasy to assemble Look great Nice subtle light and color
ConsBe careful on assembling (see above comments), no extra wire frames are given in case one breaks No extra bulbs
By Cindy
October 4, 2013
Finishing touch!
Just the right size to finish the Halloween decorating.
By Mary L.
August 24, 2013
white round party lanterns
Lanterns were a bit difficult to assemble at first. Once I got the the hang of it , was much easier. The quality of the lanterns is exceelent. Very pleased with my ourchase! Thanks
By Crestwood G.
Crestwood, NY
June 26, 2013
Love these strings of little lanterns!
What's not to like about these adorable strings of little lanterns?! They are so cute and really set the scene for a festive party. I trimmed my garage with them in advance of a recent backyard BBQ. As soon as it got dark enough, we plugged them in and they were a big hit! I must admit, I was not looking forward to the "chore" of having to put together all of the paper globes and attaching them to the light strings. When the package arrived, my boyfriend and I decided to each put one together, just to see how hard it would be. It took doing two or three before we got the hang of it. Then, without really realizing it, 20 minutes or so had gone by and all 4 strings were finished! I definitely recommend these colorful, cute little lanterns!
By Hannah
Minneapolis, MN
May 6, 2013
happy with purchase
easy to set up and hang lights.
Prosbright and colorful strong primary colors
Consexpensive - I wish I could have found them cheaper
March 5, 2013
party lites!
I recently purchased approx 20 boxes of these pretty lites for my daughter's couples shower on a rooftop....they required a (little) assembly, but it was quite easy and quick once we got started....they were attached (w/clear tape) to a railing all around the area; they were VERY PRETTY and provided that soft lighting we were looking for...tip: use a small pliers to 'pull together' the wire around the actual lite; the balls will NEVER fall off that way!
By Piph
October 14, 2012
Nice Buy
They're the expected size, and I watched a video on how to assemble them and once you do one its pretty easy going from there. They're easy to tear if you're not careful, but they are made of paper. Fortunately they're also very durable, so even though I poked holes in one or two, you can't even tell.
ProsTrue to Color True to Size Easy to Assemble
ConsInstructions aren't clear
By Karen
West Chester, pa
September 12, 2012
So cute
My daughter requested these for her dorm room. They are so cute and give the room a great feel.
By Sharon
San Diego, CA
September 12, 2012
Great Product, Excellent Customer Service
I order 6 strands of these for a party. They were just what I expected and worked perfectly; however, one of the boxes was missing one of the wire holders that hold the lantern open. I called customer service and without any questions they are sending me out one wire holder to arrive in 2 days. Perfect!
ProsThey look darling when they are up even in the daytime.
By Mike
Louisville, KY
July 22, 2012
4" Pink Lotus Party String Lights
The lights were perfect for the wedding shower. Was used on the deck, yard and recreation room. Everyone thought they were cute and wanted to know where we got them. Now that I know about this ciompany I will be back to buy more products for parties and house decorations.
ProsThe lights did not look cheap even though they were made out of paper. The electric cord is not cheap looking either. They were the right size and shape for what we needed.
ConsHad to do some assembly. However, there is no other way to ship them without being overly expensive.
June 21, 2012
Perfect Lanterns
Adds a wonderful touch to the decoration at any event and very simple to use as multiple string lights connect into each other for a convenient way to power the lights. Best purchase from this website with respect to the lanterns.
By Heather
Jamestown, NY
May 16, 2012
Just perfect lights!
these lights are hanging on your converd porch provides the perfect lighting. They provide just enough light without being too bright.
Prosquality product
By Magnolia
Alberta canada
April 14, 2012
Wedding decorations
Perfect! Came within 7 days, easy to ensemble
By Christine
Carlinville, IL
April 3, 2012
Love these lights
The four inch paper patio lights are perfect. They are well made and moderately simple to assemble. I bought three strings to loop across a 24" screened patio wall and they look great. Well worth the price paid.
ProsThey look great.
ConsI have none.
By Jennifer
La Habra, CA
February 16, 2012
Beautifully accented my wedding and now my room!
Low cost and very beautiful economical decoration for my wedding. I was so happy with all the lanterns I purchased from the Paper Lantern Store. I got so many great reviews from those who attended my wedding...it was an affordable and delightful addition to my wedding. I would recommend this product to others. It now accents my room at home
By Elizabeth J.
Banner Elk, NC
February 5, 2012
4" White Round Shaped Party String Lights
The lanterns are exactly as described on the website, plus, they arrived faster than expected!
ProsThe lanterns were ordered for my daughter's dorm room. She is not allowed to put holes in the wall and the light weight of these makes them perfect for stick-on hooks.

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