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By Trisha
August 29, 2018
Brighten Up
Very easy to use and perfectly enhances the lanterns
By rose
June 19, 2018
not good
not bright and they don't last not worth the money
Trenton NJ
January 18, 2018
Great product, well priced, very pleased.
ProsWhen used with lantern, makes it look so nice. Great product
By Deborah
Valliant, Oklahoma
December 17, 2017
Light for lanterns
Light weight lite and easy to install. Great shipping time. I will be buying again.
By Beth
November 7, 2016
Great at first, dimmed significantly over short time
I received three of these hanging lights for the lanterns I ordered, and I was very pleased with them at first. It was kind of annoying to have to turn them off and on individually whenever I wanted to use them, but it wasn't a deal breaker for me. They shone just about as bright as I'd expected and gave my room a really nice ambience. I only used them for about 45 minutes, two different times. The third time I used them, I fell asleep. They were on for about 2 hours. When I woke up, they'd gone out. I didn't think the batteries were already dead, as they were brand new, but I made myself a note to test new batteries in them. A few days later as I was about to change their batteries, I tried them again just for funsies, and they turned on. But they're not half as bright as before. They barely shine at all. I'll try them again with new batteries, but if battery isn't the issue, then these lights just dim very quickly.
By Rachel
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
March 10, 2016
They look awesome inside my paper lanter. Very happy.
By Renee
Los Angeles, CA
November 4, 2015
Great product
Just what I wanted! Soft glow for my 18" lanterns.
By Denise
United States
November 2, 2015
Perfect for Parties!
I decorated a very large and dark indoor venue with 8 sets of bistro lights and 48 paper lanterns. These battery packs work well for small and medium-sized lanterns. They produce a warm yellow glow and, with enough lanterns, will cast a romantic glow across your room.
ProsEasy to use and install
By Misha
Kansas City
April 16, 2015
It's ok
I bought this one because it was the cheapest and seemed like the most reliable for the price from the reviews. I wish batteries would have come with it and it remote. Overall it was what I expected in labor of turning them on and off by going up and down a ladder. My only disappointment was that they were not brighter.
ProsCheap and with good batteries last for hours
ConsNo remote and not bright enough
By Herman
New Albany, IN
March 17, 2015
Amazing Product
At first, I was hesitant to order this product. Simply, because I didn't know it existed. I am so grateful I did order it. It is simply an amazing product. It allows you to light your paper lanterns without worrying about a fire! Easily fits into any paper lantern without any difficulties whatsoever. My only regret is I did not buy the remote control model.
ProsPrevents fires Extreme ease of use Provides of lighting automatically
ConsI wish I had bought the remote control model for even easier use.
By Busy M.
February 27, 2015
Buy these!
These are perfect! I bought 40 12" paper lanterns for a party and tested several different lights in them before deciding on these. The LED lights are too blue and artificial looking and the LED "soft white" balloon/lantern lights looked good for 5 minutes then dimmed to barely visible. For the money, these are the best! Stayed lit and bright for 7.5 hrs before I turned them off. Shipping was great. None broken. And out of 45 (I got a few extra just in case) only one didn't work! And at this price it's not a big deal to lose 1 or 2! Buy these!
By Mich
February 3, 2015
I haven't used these at my party just yet, but they've arrived and I've added batteries and all 12 units that arrived worked! I can see how some other reviewers complained that they had some broken units deliver, since there wasn't a lot of padding in the box. I was worried about damage and actually ordered 2 extra units just in case since they are so cheap. They are cheaply made but will fit the bill! :-)
Prosthey work :-)
Conscheaply made but this is expected at the price
By Kaykay
January 16, 2015
Worked great for engagement party. Ambient lighting.
By Laura
December 23, 2014
easy, did the job
All the lights worked when they came and stayed lit the whole evening. Easy to install. We used the 16" lanterns and the light was perfect for ambient lighting (which is what we wanted), but would not have worked for main lighting (they weren't bright enough for that, but we didn't expect a small light like that to be super bright in larger size lanterns). We used white and turquoise lanterns and the light kept the colors true. Would definitely use again.
By V K.
DC metro area
October 6, 2014
they'll do... mostly
I bought ten of these to put in the 16" white paper lanterns. 1 (out of 10) had a busted light bulb. No one within a 15 mile radius of where I am has this particular bulb. It's definitely not a standard size. But I did not have time get a replacement. The light emitted from these is a soft yellow. It makes for pretty good mood lighting. It would not do so well for actual lighting. Like I said, I had 10 of these up and that would not have lit anything really. It's just good accent lighting.
Proscheap light weight
Conspoorly built hard to repair
By Renee
September 30, 2014
Ok lights.....we used 20 for our wedding. One light came in not working...bulb burnt out. Replacements can only be purchased through the store...replacement piece got to me the day after the wedding :(
By Clarinda B.
Houston, Texas
September 25, 2014
Two of the four ordered did not work.
Product did not work. I tested with all good batteries but could not get to work. I contacted Customer Service, and they have shipped me replacements.
ProsPerfect for what I needed.
ConsNo time to troubleshoot item. Had to request replacements.
By megan
September 21, 2014
I ordered 8 of these to use in the paper lanterns I purchased and 3 of the 8 arrived broken. 2 had broken bulbs and 1 had a broken switch so I was unable to turn it on. I would never order these again... at least from this website because they were very poorly packaged!
By Briana
Orange, CA
September 10, 2014
Very nice, warm illumination for lanterns
These work very well. I used about 30 of these to light lanterns over my pool at night for a party. They give just the right amount of glow to lanterns.
By Carrie
New Jersey
September 8, 2014
Nice but
Don't expect much light!
ProsLasted several hours
ConsNot much light
Portland, OR
September 7, 2014
Hanging Battery Terminal For Lanterns
My order arrived on time, and all items worked properly. I have purchased here before, and would again.
ProsLights are easy to install, and the light is soft, and makes for a nice atmosphere. Very affordable lighting option for the paper lanterns I have on my deck.
By B
Longview, Texas
August 28, 2014
Perfect Compliment to Lanterns
These lights are the ONLY lights I have tried that give off a warm, natural glow as opposed to the harsh blue light of most LEDs. And I have tried a ton of them. The price is also extremely reasonable. Even does well in my 18" lanterns. Definitely would recommend .
ProsWarm, natural light Affordable
By Libby
Toronto, Canada
July 2, 2014
Great idea to light paper lanterns
I can't believe I hadn't found these sooner. They were a great option for lighting the trees in my backyard for a special event. They fit perfectly with several different sizes of paper lanterns ( we had 8", 9.5" and 18 inch lanterns). Would definitely purchase this again!
By Nigar
Irvine, CA
June 27, 2014
Exactly what I wanted
I loved the lights. They actually fit perfectly in the 8" and the 12" lanterns and they looked great. They were easy to use and they lasted more than 5 hours. One of them arrived with a battery terminal that was backwards, so we had to take it out and fix it...but that really wasn't a problem.
By Stacie
Henderson, NV
March 30, 2014
Love this light
Used these for 12" lanterns I ordered from Paper Lantern Store and they were the perfect amount of light. Nice warm glow with no blueness. Very easy to hang in lantern. Will order again soon.
By Yasmin
March 27, 2014
Great Product and Fast Delivery
Love it, it was really difficult looking for paper lantern lighting with battery and this product was the answer. I order it 5 day before I needed it and it arrive on time.
By James
VICTORIA, British Columbia
March 4, 2014
They are dim but they colour is much nicer than LED.
By Amber
Dover, DE
March 3, 2014
Great experience
By Jackie
Washington Township, NJ
February 19, 2014
Excellent Lighting for Outdoor Wedding Reception
These lights added the perfect ambiance for our outdoor wedding reception. Good price too. We had these lights inside 30 paper lanterns varying in size from 12" - 16".
By Amber
Los Angeles
January 21, 2014
LED lights for use in 16" lanterns
I purchased 60 of these lights to use in the 16" lime green paper lanterns. They put out enough light to provide a soft glow--they may not provide enough light to be the only light source for an evening event, but they will look lovely hanging from trees and trellises at my spring wedding reception with some supplementary light so the guests can see what they are eating. These lights will put out their full light for about 9 hours per set of batteries (I used Duracell), so they're great for long evening events. I tested all of the lights when they arrived and two were defective, but the customer service for this site was excellent in providing replacement lights without any fuss at all--I would definitely recommend this product and this site to my friends.
Minneapolis, MN
November 2, 2013
Easy to hang!
We ordered 3 different battery-powered lighting options for our family 2014 wedding. This one wasn't bright enough for the 20" and bigger lanterns, but would probably be perfect for smaller ones.
Proseasy to hang
ConsThe battery door of the one we received was extremely difficult to open--it may have been defective.
By Kate B.
Beattie, Ks
October 24, 2013
Nothing you did wrong... we just decided that these would not work for our wedding.
By Maxayani
Los Angeles, CA
October 24, 2013
good for party events
they are a convenient choice to reduce the amount of cable use and reduce the amount of electrical power used, they are mostly for a one time use only (two if you are lucky). have on/off button which is pretty cool.
By Susan
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada
August 12, 2013
Battery Light
By Melinda
Salem, Oregon
August 6, 2013
Worked great for an outdoor wedding reception
I purchased 15 of these to go inside of red 12" and white 14" lanterns and they worked really well. They gave off the perfect amount of light. I also used twinkle lights above the dance floor and it was beautiful. I would just make sure to use new, non-rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries don't give off enough light.
ProsBrightness String is attached to hang lanterns
By shar
May 17, 2013
awesome lights
These lights were effective and inexpensive!
Prosit is simple and user friendly
Consthe exposed bulb makes it more fragile.
By fey
May 6, 2013
It adds glow to the paper lantern that we hung, and it is more noticeable with the lights.
Proscheap, reusable
Conssome didn't work
By karen
Fresno ca
January 1, 2013
Reasonable and works great
Also one of the terminals did not work and a replacement was sent no questions asked without the hassel of having to return the one that did not work. Thank you!
By Nicole
November 4, 2012
Great Product
These worked well with our lanterns. They gave just enough light, and they lasted all evening.
Prosattached well to our lanterns, they made the lanterns easy to hang, price was great.
By Linda W.
Ocean Isle Beach, NC
October 24, 2012
Works great.!
Love the hanging battery operated lights for paper lanterns... you can turn on and off with ease and the batteries are replaceable. blessings, L
Prossee review
By Elizabeth
Littleton, CO
October 15, 2012
Great Buy!!
I recently purchased the Hanging Battery Terminal for Lanterns for 12'' and 16'' Beige Irregular Lanterns for our wedding and they worked perfectly!! Our ceremony was at 6:00pm and the lighting was just enough for our outside ceremony.
ProsPrice, Quality, Ease of Use, Power of Light
By Prudy
Ashland, Wisconsin
October 2, 2012
paper lantern lighting
issue with lighting paper lanterns for a wedding solved! thanks.
By Cassandra
September 18, 2012
Needed For my Lanterns for my wedding easy to use! simple and fast ordering system! arrived in no time!
By Andy H.
Los Angeles
September 9, 2012
Perfect for my classroom project!
Prompt and speedy service. This product was just what I needed for a classroom project. Thanks!
By Scottia
June 10, 2012
I love these little lights. They fit nicely into the lanterns, are light weight, and make them glow. Good price.
Prosnice size, good price
By Crystal
Fishers, IN
April 24, 2012
I purchased 20 of these to put into the paper lanterns that I also bought from here for use as decor for my wedding. Because my wedding is outdoors, I needed lighting that did not require cords and these were by far the most inexpensive options. I was afraid that they would not put off enough light, but I was surprised by how much light there was. Just perfect for setting a romantic feel!
ProsPrice Amount of light Fast shipping
By Kay
March 1, 2012
I will be using these for my wedding and they give the perfect glow!
Prossoft white glow
By J C.
San Francisco
February 17, 2012
Excellent Item For Use With My Paper Lanterns
Used this item in my paper lanterns, it worked very well. Lasted for the duration of my party, good budget friendly option to light your paper lanterns.
Prosbudget friendly, good and easy to use.
By Brenda
Hilliard, Ohio
February 13, 2012
My review
Easy way to light up my lanterns
By Kim
February 5, 2012
Works well
These worked well for my daughters bday party.
ProsCord is long but can be adjusted because similar to keychain.
ConsMust turn each on individually do if high up can be a nuisance.

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